Bath Chocolate Company
Bath Chocolate Company


  • The cocoa beans have an intense chocolaty profile with alternating flavours of fresh nuts and dried flowers, such as chamomile, rose and citronella.
  • Our Darkmilk recipe has unusual flavours that pairs well with the unique blend with the fresh nutty notes, balancing out the flavours, which gives it that smooth creamy taste.
  • This distinctive cocoa bean has various range of suttle flavours of cherries and berries on a well balanced chocolaty undertone with fresh hints of citrus bloom in the after taste.
  • The stunning creamy notes from the darkmilk recipe makes your taste buds zing as it balances perfectly from the fresh hints of the citrus bloom from the after taste from the cocoa bean.
  • The chocolaty intense flavours are very equitsite, with delicate fruity notes, such as red forest fruits and peach. Along with woody, herbal and nutty notes in the background.
  • Our classic Darkmilk recipe enhances the fruity flavours, bringing out the full experience that the cocoa bean has to offer. It's a very delicate flavour which stabilises the woody, herbal and nutty background notes.
  • This unique cocoa bean has a full body flavour with pleasant chocolate tones, with low acidity, herbal and woody hints, with delicate flavours of coconut and almond.
  • The smooth creamy flavour pairs well with the chocolate tones and brings out the coconut and almond flavours, whilst enhancing the fully body flavours from the cocoa bean.
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